13 05 2010

Okay, I got a lot of Ageha and Barato songs done recently.First up is Only my Railgun:

Then I found some old art I was going to use for Dancesite of Darkness, then I found the song. Of course, I made the PV after that.



13 05 2010

Okay, so Kyoko has been finished. Finally. She took a while to put together but it was worth it. Her voice easier to use than Barato’s and needs her official art to be finished. Geh.

I ended up using her voice for a rushed version of BPM.

Long Time No See

26 04 2010

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Today was the last performance in a play I was in and it’s also my birthday. STAR testing is next week. Yippie…

But I actually have some UTAU related news today. A U04 is being voiced and U05 and U06 are soon to be voiced.

U04 is being voiced by a friend of mine, and like Hotaru, is being named after the voicer’s internet name; Kyoko. Utami Kyoko will have English voice banks and Japanese triphonics. Of course, this won’t all be in the first act. The great thing about Kyoko is that her dad works in the music industry and has a recording studio in their back yard. This calls for good quality UTAUloids.

If I’m going to have six UTAUloids, I might as well make all my previous UTAUloids in to one big ol’ UTAU project. My UTAU project is going to be called Color Revolution and I shall change my blog name accordingly. Why Color Revolution? Kyoko, Hotaru and I have started an UTAU producing group called Iro Gekokujo. Translation: Color Revolution.


23 02 2010

Hotaru’s ACT 2

After Hotau’s version of God Knows was uploaded to YouTube, MitzukiHanasaki downloaded her and fixed her! I replaced the old with the new one and now I have an ACT 2 for Hotaru!

I’m thinking about redoing God Knows now…

Another Barato Song?!?!

21 02 2010

I now bring to you Paradichlorobenzene sung by Hiyoru Barato! Truth to be told, I can’t pronounce that word or even sing that song…

Download here –>


14 02 2010

I had no idea that all of the download links were broken! Currently I am in the process of updating all the links. Kotone’s voice bank download has been fixed for sure. After I post this I will make a new page for all of the song link downloads.

About downloads… Ageha’s voice banks are finished and will be released along with Barato as a single zip file. Hotaru will be downloadable for a limited amount of time soon then will be taken down so I can fix her voice and add her official “box art” drawn by her voice actress. The version that is coming out soom is just for promotional reasons.

Sorry For My Absence

22 01 2010

Finals ended this week and I have to put my heart and soul in to them. In the end I failed my geometry final. Yippie.

But all that is in the past and now I’m back with another three day weekend. It’s time to work on the other twin. It took me a while, but I decided how her voice would sound. All I have to do is find a microphone in this mess of a house so I can record tomorrow. Hopefully.