31 07 2010

I have found my Japanese laptop so I can continue working on Kotone’s next release. I plan to release her ACT2 and soft append later today or tomorrow. All I have to do is finish her new official art (same design, just drawn better) and character files for both banks.

Kotone’s ACT2 will have more sounds which span in to some English. I plan to make a stand alone English voice bank for her later based off of Trem. The voicer for Kyoko is also working on a stand alone English voice bank based off of Trem. The English voice banks for Kyoko and Kotone will be released…eventually.



13 05 2010

Okay, so Kyoko has been finished. Finally. She took a while to put together but it was worth it. Her voice easier to use than Barato’s and needs her official art to be finished. Geh.

I ended up using her voice for a rushed version of BPM.