Kotone Art?

18 08 2010

Yeah, image over load. Sorry, about that.

I got a commission from DarkHalo4231 on DeviantART. She is awesome, check her out.



31 07 2010

I have found my Japanese laptop so I can continue working on Kotone’s next release. I plan to release her ACT2 and soft append later today or tomorrow. All I have to do is finish her new official art (same design, just drawn better) and character files for both banks.

Kotone’s ACT2 will have more sounds which span in to some English. I plan to make a stand alone English voice bank for her later based off of Trem. The voicer for Kyoko is also working on a stand alone English voice bank based off of Trem. The English voice banks for Kyoko and Kotone will be released…eventually.


13 05 2010

Okay, I got a lot of Ageha and Barato songs done recently.First up is Only my Railgun:

Then I found some old art I was going to use for Dancesite of Darkness, then I found the song. Of course, I made the PV after that.


14 02 2010

I had no idea that all of the download links were broken! Currently I am in the process of updating all the links. Kotone’s voice bank download has been fixed for sure. After I post this I will make a new page for all of the song link downloads.

About downloads… Ageha’s voice banks are finished and will be released along with Barato as a single zip file. Hotaru will be downloadable for a limited amount of time soon then will be taken down so I can fix her voice and add her official “box art” drawn by her voice actress. The version that is coming out soom is just for promotional reasons.


17 01 2010

A Few Announcements

16 01 2010

Okay, let’s start off with some good news.

  • I have finished recording the voice banks for one of the new UTAUloid twins I told you guys about. As I type, I am working on the frq files. I should have the other twin recorded by the end of next week. I’ll be ready to announce their arrival by then as U03.
  • I’m learning some songs so I can dub them and sing with Kotone. What songs? Lion from Macross Frontier of course!
  • I’m really excited that people are beginning to download Kotone’s voice. Currently my cover of Meltdown is the only Kotone video, but I’m anticipating a lot more videos in the future.

Now the bad news.

  • I have finals next week. This means less time for blogging and UTAUing (Is that even a word? Well it is now!). I was hoping to start working on the other twin’s voice banks this week but I have to wait in till Friday when finals are over.
  • My blog isn’t that popular. It sounds like I’m self centered or something like that. I just want people to use Kotone and listen to the rest of Hotaru and Kotone’s songs.

New Voice Banks

13 01 2010

In my absence I have been working hard on fixing Hotaru’s voice banks. The elongated constants and spaces are close to gone.

On the other hand, Kotone’s expansion in to English. Slowly but surely the banks are being recorded. She has her own version of night fever coming out. Sadly, I am sure that Hotaru will never get English voice banks. I want to perfect her Japanese voice banks first but that may never be accomplished.