28 07 2010

This is it. I have lost my Japanese laptop. How did I lose it? I have no idea. All that I know is that it is currently lost at the moment. This means no new UTAU related stuff. Yeah, that’s why I am starting to post cosplay related posts. So I don’t have a black hole in between my posts. I’m trying to dig through this mess that is my room for it but no luck so far. I am still drawing though. I think I have some song I want to use so I’m going to try to make some PVs while on hiatus. Wish me luck!


Wig Site Reviews

28 07 2010

At the Gaia shoot my friends and I were talking about how I am able to find good cheap wigs. This is a list of all of my Mikau-approved wig sites. This also so I don’t keep on forgetting the links to the sites.

Angella1024 on eBay
This store has cheap wigs with free shipping. Another plus is that you can buy clip attachments in different lengths and colors separately. There are so many different colors, textures, and lengths.

Un-styled Sakura Wigs
Slightly more expensive than Angella1024’s store on eBay but the colors are really pretty. Even their wig heads are pretty. I plan to use this site for styling my ARiA wig. There are only two optons here so it is a good choice if you want to style your own wig. This site also has pre-styled wigs that are pretty pricey. If you have enough money buy their pre-styled Sakura wig.

Charissa-KIDS on eBay
This is where I bought my KAITO and Gackupo wigs. I know that I will be coming back and back again for Charissa’s silky soft wig fibers. A free wig cap comes with every wig they sell. If you buy two wigs you get a free comb. The shipping cost will be discounted for a purchase of two or more wigs. Mind that the wigs are coming from Hong Kong so the shipping will be pricey (to an extent) and take a while.

Epic Cosplay
I shouldn’t have to explain why I suggest this site, most of us use it anyways. Free and fast shipping in the U.S., plenty of colors, and their local! I they are heat-resistant (please correct me if I am wrong), making styling a breeze. I prefer to buy their wigs at cons because I hate waiting for wigs and also the people at their booth can teach you how to curl their wigs (thanks! You guys helped a lot). If you need a wig and you need it quick Epic Cosplay is the way to go.

Hello Cosplay
Their DIY wigs are extremely shiny, which I love. Their “short” wigs (these next wigs I speak of are not in the DIY section of the site) are actually KH2 Kairi length. They are heat resistant. This site has plenty of colors, saturated and desaturated. The price is pretty good in my opinion. Around $35 for 100 cm. I also love the outfits on the mannequins.

Have any sites you want to add to this list? Tell me. I want to find more good online wig stores.

Long Time No See

26 04 2010

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Today was the last performance in a play I was in and it’s also my birthday. STAR testing is next week. Yippie…

But I actually have some UTAU related news today. A U04 is being voiced and U05 and U06 are soon to be voiced.

U04 is being voiced by a friend of mine, and like Hotaru, is being named after the voicer’s internet name; Kyoko. Utami Kyoko will have English voice banks and Japanese triphonics. Of course, this won’t all be in the first act. The great thing about Kyoko is that her dad works in the music industry and has a recording studio in their back yard. This calls for good quality UTAUloids.

If I’m going to have six UTAUloids, I might as well make all my previous UTAUloids in to one big ol’ UTAU project. My UTAU project is going to be called Color Revolution and I shall change my blog name accordingly. Why Color Revolution? Kyoko, Hotaru and I have started an UTAU producing group called Iro Gekokujo. Translation: Color Revolution.

Sorry For My Absence

22 01 2010

Finals ended this week and I have to put my heart and soul in to them. In the end I failed my geometry final. Yippie.

But all that is in the past and now I’m back with another three day weekend. It’s time to work on the other twin. It took me a while, but I decided how her voice would sound. All I have to do is find a microphone in this mess of a house so I can record tomorrow. Hopefully.

A Few Announcements

16 01 2010

Okay, let’s start off with some good news.

  • I have finished recording the voice banks for one of the new UTAUloid twins I told you guys about. As I type, I am working on the frq files. I should have the other twin recorded by the end of next week. I’ll be ready to announce their arrival by then as U03.
  • I’m learning some songs so I can dub them and sing with Kotone. What songs? Lion from Macross Frontier of course!
  • I’m really excited that people are beginning to download Kotone’s voice. Currently my cover of Meltdown is the only Kotone video, but I’m anticipating a lot more videos in the future.

Now the bad news.

  • I have finals next week. This means less time for blogging and UTAUing (Is that even a word? Well it is now!). I was hoping to start working on the other twin’s voice banks this week but I have to wait in till Friday when finals are over.
  • My blog isn’t that popular. It sounds like I’m self centered or something like that. I just want people to use Kotone and listen to the rest of Hotaru and Kotone’s songs.

Homework for Health

2 01 2010

I don’t know why, but I love writing. Poetry, fiction, it doesn’t matter to me! The one thing I hate writing is non fiction. It pisses me off to no extent. And that’s why I’m failing English…

Thank God for health homework. It always helps me break away from it all. Yeah, that sounds weird doesn’t it? But it is true. All of my health assignments this year have been drawing, writing poems, or filling out worksheets. Sometimes life can be so sweet.

God Damn You McDonalds

31 12 2009

You might be looking at the title thinking “WTF?” Yeah, there’s a story behind this.

My day had been going badly. The day before I had cut my finger on a reading light (I have no idea how) but it hadn’t bleed that day. The next day, when this story took place, is when it started bleeding. I also fell off my bed to make the day even worse. I got hungry and decided to go to McDonalds. I ordered six chicken McNuggets. When I finished them, I noticed that they only gave me five chicken McNuggets.