Wig Site Reviews

28 07 2010

At the Gaia shoot my friends and I were talking about how I am able to find good cheap wigs. This is a list of all of my Mikau-approved wig sites. This also so I don’t keep on forgetting the links to the sites.

Angella1024 on eBay
This store has cheap wigs with free shipping. Another plus is that you can buy clip attachments in different lengths and colors separately. There are so many different colors, textures, and lengths.

Un-styled Sakura Wigs
Slightly more expensive than Angella1024’s store on eBay but the colors are really pretty. Even their wig heads are pretty. I plan to use this site for styling my ARiA wig. There are only two optons here so it is a good choice if you want to style your own wig. This site also has pre-styled wigs that are pretty pricey. If you have enough money buy their pre-styled Sakura wig.

Charissa-KIDS on eBay
This is where I bought my KAITO and Gackupo wigs. I know that I will be coming back and back again for Charissa’s silky soft wig fibers. A free wig cap comes with every wig they sell. If you buy two wigs you get a free comb. The shipping cost will be discounted for a purchase of two or more wigs. Mind that the wigs are coming from Hong Kong so the shipping will be pricey (to an extent) and take a while.

Epic Cosplay
I shouldn’t have to explain why I suggest this site, most of us use it anyways. Free and fast shipping in the U.S., plenty of colors, and their local! I they are heat-resistant (please correct me if I am wrong), making styling a breeze. I prefer to buy their wigs at cons because I hate waiting for wigs and also the people at their booth can teach you how to curl their wigs (thanks! You guys helped a lot). If you need a wig and you need it quick Epic Cosplay is the way to go.

Hello Cosplay
Their DIY wigs are extremely shiny, which I love. Their “short” wigs (these next wigs I speak of are not in the DIY section of the site) are actually KH2 Kairi length. They are heat resistant. This site has plenty of colors, saturated and desaturated. The price is pretty good in my opinion. Around $35 for 100 cm. I also love the outfits on the mannequins.

Have any sites you want to add to this list? Tell me. I want to find more good online wig stores.




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