30 12 2009

Along with Kotone, there is now a new UTAUloid coming from the Utami family. She is Utami, Hotaru. Her voice blanks come from my friend Cassandra, who asked me to make her an UTAUloid at three in the morning. We finished recording at four and fell asleep. The .frq files took a while to make but everything turned out alright.

Now about the quality of Hotaru’s voice… her n, k, and s sounds are a little funky. The constants are a little too long so when making the letters short in UTAU, I have to split up the letters (eg. shi turns in to sh i). This makes her available genres very limited in till I have time to rerecord those sounds. For now you can know that there isn’t going to be a version of The Disapearence of Utami Hotaru.




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